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Today’s dynamic and volatile environment requires robust organizations! We at Strategy and Execution Consultants work with your business to ensure all aspects of business provide peak performance!

During pandemic and recent times it is normal for businesses to become financially and strategically challenged, it is not normal to stay that way! At SEC we not only take care of making your organization strong but also future ready.

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Today’s era demands sustainability & competitive advantage in every aspect of the business. We specialize in developing tailor-made long-term & short-term strategies well suited to the needs of your business. Are you looking to launch a new brand/product or want to increase the market share of your existing business portfolio? Give us a call & we will come up with agile and customised plans.


Human Resource Identification

HR turnover is the Achilles heel of today’s era as human resources are always looking for new opportunities to switch. We provide customized hiring solutions for companies.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing are the backbones of a company to derive profitability. It demands a holistic approach encompassing managing existing sales channels and launching new potential products. Our long haul in sales & marketing strategy alignment enables us to overcome challenges for your company.

Operational Excellence

Excellence in business operations comes from the implementation of business tools that needs to provide accurate results for taking better decisions. If you are facing a challenge in your operations, we can offer solutions that can turn that challenge into an opportunity.

Innovation Strategy & Delivery

Business growth demands continuous effort to develop innovative strategies. What differentiates us from others? A modern innovative way that is strategy dependent and adequately versatile makes your company achieve success through continuous innovative effort.

People Strategy

We believe in a competitive advantage in any business is brought by competitive people. We help companies in nourishing culture through re-skilling employees, arising businesses strong & more ready to respond to a challenge.

Consumer Insights

Do you want to conduct consumer research in the market? We provide consumer-centric qualitative & quantitative research that helps you feel the pulse of the consumer.

Supply Chain Excellence

Supply chain optimization is key to a money making and sustainable business. In today’s business climate, customer expectations are increasingly diverse, complex, and volatile. Potential markets and optimum manufacturing locations are continually shifting. With increased interdependencies at every level, supply chain networks have become more vulnerable to costly natural and economic disruptions. Meet our experts and let us help make your supply chain agile and robust


With today's dynamic environment, window of opportunity is short lived. To get to the market promptly, right outsourcing for product or service is critical. Due to knowledge and clients in multiple industries, we have the expertise to provide you with world class service providers/manufacturers for your business.


Some of our Recent Events

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1st Company Anniversay

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Attended National Dialogue on Safe Milk

Simply Sufi Xprs F7 Islamabad Outlet Launch

Launched successful BTL campaign at Simply Sufi Xprs F7 Islamabad Outlet

Simply Sufi XPRS Model Town Bank Square Market Outlet Launch

At the launch ceremony of Simply Sufi Xprs Model Town Bank Square Market Outlet


Sajid Shahzad Sufi

Chief Strategy Officer

Yasir Azeem

Commercial Director

Muhammad Waheed

Channel Specialist

Muhammad Haris

Junior Project Manager

Mariah Saleem

Project Manager

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Strategy and Execution Consultants

SEC is a Lahore-based management consulting company. We are experienced working with re-known clients ranging from large FMCG companies to small and medium enterprises SMEs. Our specialized team is from diverse backgrounds. Our forte is not only strategic planning as well as execution of that strategy.

Office 520, Garden Heights
8-Aibak Block, New Garden Town
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